On giving back

Starting on July 2nd I will host Q&A sessions each Thursday, on any topic related to agile transformation, business analysis, product management, knowledge management, and much more. It’s my way of giving back to the community part of the learning gathered along the years in the teams and products I was part of. You may not find the perfect recipe for your context, but you’ll discover plenty of interesting takeaways. Interested? Leave a comment below or direct message me. Continue reading On giving back


Or the power of social media This is the number of views for my content in January this year, on one social media platform (LinkedIn). If I add the views from Facebook or the website the number is way higher. Is 10000 a number to talk about? For me it is, as in the entire last year I had less views. So what changed? I looked for advice, from people with far more experience in earning their paycheck from social media, and started to adopt their suggestions on how to generate more view, likes, shares, comments and in the end … Continue reading 10000

2019 Plans and challenges

2019 is the year in which I plan to invest more time and budget in developing my own brand. For doing this I have a vision, strategy and, of course, a roadmap. The top 5 items on my roadmap are: Branding: activities are in progress, the visual identity creation of my brand is shaping up. Social Media presence: LinkedIn: improved the look and feel of my page, added new posts so that the number of followers increases and I extend the reach of my target audience. Facebook: created and customized my FB page (consistent look and feel with my LinkedIn), … Continue reading 2019 Plans and challenges

2018 retrospective

As the new year started it is time for the 2018 #retrospective. In January last year, I set for myself an ambitious goal, meaning to write an article each month on business analysis, product management, Agile, or Scrum topics. The goal was to share the practices I found useful along the way so that other professionals can apply the same or to inspire others with a different perspective on the above topics. So, how was this experience for me? – I published 10 articles, missing 2 articles from my goal set – Topics which are trendy will get a higher … Continue reading 2018 retrospective