Or the power of social media

This is the number of views for my content in January this year, on one social media platform (LinkedIn). If I add the views from Facebook or the website the number is way higher.

Is 10000 a number to talk about? For me it is, as in the entire last year I had less views.

So what changed?

I looked for advice, from people with far more experience in earning their paycheck from social media, and started to adopt their suggestions on how to generate more view, likes, shares, comments and in the end money.

On the same time, I published and shared only my content, so I stopped sharing the content generated by other people. I still hit the like button for their writings, but I no longer share it.

I progressed with the visual identity, as a creative branding process makes the brand much more interesting and attractive.

There is still a lot of work to be done regarding my social media and online presence, but it is important that there is progress.

Someday the view, likes, shares and comments will be transformed in consultancy contracts.

Until then just keep going 🙂

#entrepreneurship #businessdevelopment #socialmedia

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