I started as a business analyst more than ten years ago, working both in product and outsourcing companies, in the following business domains: education, insurance, digital media, internet and mobile banking, local government, healthcare, justice, asset management, people transportation and legal.

Gradually my area of interest shifted towards software architecture, user experience, Agile and Scrum. It allows me to have a better understanding of any solution or enterprise architecture, and the teams developing them while keeping the focus on the organization big picture.

This was my full-time employee story.

A new chapter started with my entrepreneur story, focused on building high-performing teams for crafting great software products.

So, if you think your organization might benefit from the services included in my services catalogue or you just want to have a get to know each other chat, leave me a message and I will get back to you.

More details about me and my work on LinkedIn Personal Profile, LinkedIn Company Page and Facebook.