2018 retrospective

As the new year started it is time for the 2018 #retrospective.

In January last year, I set for myself an ambitious goal, meaning to write an article each month on business analysis, product management, Agile, or Scrum topics.

The goal was to share the practices I found useful along the way so that other professionals can apply the same or to inspire others with a different perspective on the above topics.

So, how was this experience for me?

– I published 10 articles, missing 2 articles from my goal set

– Topics which are trendy will get a higher number of searches, views, likes, shares while others not so trendy, but in which interesting and useful concepts are described, might be less appreciated

– It is handy to know when to post the articles so that they reach the newsfeed in the right time interval and have more chances for being read

– It is important to design for your readers, more and more are reading content on mobile devices, so articles with a lot of text may be easily skipped or just briefly reviewed

– The time invested in writing is not always proportional with the appreciation the end result (article or post) will receive

– It was sometimes challenging to find available time for writing but it is important not to neglect a routine once you set it 🙂

For this year I intend to write an article (shorter) every 2 weeks and hopefully, it will receive the same or even more appreciations then the ones from last year.

Have a great new year!


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