2019 Plans and challenges

2019 is the year in which I plan to invest more time and budget in developing my own brand. For doing this I have a vision, strategy and, of course, a roadmap.

The top 5 items on my roadmap are:

  1. Branding: activities are in progress, the visual identity creation of my brand is shaping up.
  2. Social Media presence:
    1. LinkedIn: improved the look and feel of my page, added new posts so that the number of followers increases and I extend the reach of my target audience.
    2. Facebook: created and customized my FB page (consistent look and feel with my LinkedIn), added posts having as goal a high number of followers and an extended reach of my target audience. LinkedIn and Facebook platforms have common target audiences, but as there are also different target segments present it is important for me to same information shared on both platforms.
  3. Online presence: started my own website, which will be the main online content source from now on. I will still distribute the articles on the social media platforms. Website customization will follow, so in time it will look nicer and nicer.
  4. Online content: created posts and articles which are more easy to read, and it takes less time to read them. I see an important increase in the number of views, at least, since I started to adapt more my content towards the needs of my target audience.
  5. Sales and marketing: content is mainly created, visuals will follow.

And, as in most of the cases when you have a plan or idea to implement, there are at least 3 challenges for making things happen:

  1. Available time
  2. Available budget
  3. First signed contract

After all, no great achievement has been accomplished with the smallest possible effort. Let’s get this rollin’!

As always, sharing is caring 🙂
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