On simplification

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

As a business analyst, one of my main responsibilities is to help organisations to #streamline processes and to simplify workflows. Naturally, this “gift” is working also outside office hours.

For example, when I pay online my utility bills on the utility provider website. It’s all nice and easy until you find some options which are there to make your life easier but actually they don’t. So I have the option to add my credit card details in my account, with the purpose of not typing them for each payment.


What happens after I add one card and proceed to make a payment?

There are two additional payment types and one of them is selected by default. So not the card I already added, although I added it for being used in payments so in my opinion it should be selected by default.

It may be acceptable not having it selected by default on the first payment or two payments, but afterwards, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be selected by default.

Workflows simplification is one of the core principles of my work.

#userexperience #userinterfacedesign #workflow

Save our clicks 🙂

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