On frameworks

Photo by Pascal Swier on Unsplash

When an organisation doesn’t reach the expected results one of the first action points considered is to change the current framework.

However, in many cases, the current framework is partially adopted or misunderstood, which leads to the false conclusion that it is the root cause, thus the need to change it.

Instead of focusing on the human capital, the most valuable “asset” an organisation possesses, the decision-makers focus on the new framework implementation which is put to light as the salvation, the superhero.

I think that the true superheroes are the employees working day by day for the organisation, the right people with the right skill set will always help the organisation to reach the expected results.

If you don’t have the right people already you need to find and recruit them.

The right people, with the right skill set, acting in the right environment are the most powerful results enabler.

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