On determination

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Difficult times are often seen as appropriate occasions to reflect on the organisation needs, structure, vision, strategy, as moments to restructure things.

Nowadays, as the level of uncertainty is increasing, things get even more complicated and part of the already created plans become redundant. However, the organisation vision, the north star for the organisation remains the same if it was thoroughly thought of when it was designed.

So what keeps the organisation on the right path towards reaching the north star?

I would say determination, a skill that has an impact much higher than it is perceived. Determination means being focused on what is there at the end of the road, surpassing the obstacles along the way. Self-determination leads to team determination and later on to the organisation determination.

Research has shown that high-level of self-determination are present in organisations where autonomy is encouraged, there is a great level of competence and a strong connection between team members.

So make sure your organisation masters the above and the organisation vision is much easier to accomplish.

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