On frameworks

When an organisation doesn’t reach the expected results one of the first action points considered is to change the current framework. However, in many cases, the current framework is partially adopted or misunderstood, which leads to the false conclusion that it is the root cause, thus the need to change it. Instead of focusing on the human capital, the most valuable “asset” an organisation possesses, the decision-makers focus on the new framework implementation which is put to light as the salvation, the superhero. I think that the true superheroes are the employees working day by day for the organisation, the … Continue reading On frameworks

On improvement kata

In martial arts, a kata is “a routine you practice deliberately, so its pattern becomes a habit.” Kata it’s a way of transferring skills and developing the mindset, helping in the translation of concepts into practical reality.         For sure kata sounds familiar for martial arts enthusiasts but what is Improvement Kata? The Improvement Kata, as explained by Mike Rother, is a general-purpose framework and a set of practice routines for reaching goals where the path to the goal is uncertain. It requires us to proceed by iterative, incremental steps, using very rapid cycles of experimentation. This model is described in … Continue reading On improvement kata

On failure

Every day we see statistics about failures, affecting either new companies others or companies with an important background in software development large companies or start-ups, impacting either top edge mobile applications or state of the art web applications. Since software development methodologies and frameworks are there for quite some years now and technology improvements are being delivered as we speak we could consider that there is already a proper setup for having successful products and/or teams. Yet the reality proves to be different.  So why do our products and/or teams fail?  There are a lot of reasons out there and … Continue reading On failure