On standards

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Working alongside product companies allows experiencing the impact of sharing the same practices across the entire enterprise architecture.

Some call this standardization, which in theory brings only advantages for both the product company and the end-users.

Reusing same technical, functional and user experience design across products or modules of the same product offers consistency and provides the future direction.

But what happens when you realize that the current practices, referred to as standards, are outdated or contain techniques which are far from being best practices?

You have a choice.

You can continue the work as it is.

Or you can step up, explain the current flaws and the direction which needs to be followed. And start the change from the step you are in already, don’t wait for the perfect moment to be there.

Companies that set standards and rarely revisit them lose in the long run, in favor of companies that develop an interest to constantly update their standards according to the new reality.

In the fast-changing world we live in the standards we set today might do more harm than good in weeks or months ahead.

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