On reinventing

There are times when solving a problem or challenge requires a fresh perspective, a new course of action, a steer towards a different path.

But there are times when doing some research, reading and learning helps you solve your problem, with practices wide spread in the industry.

If you learn from the experience of state of the art writers, authors or consultants then most probably you will find what you need. Smart people with relevant experience in business analysis, product management or software development frameworks (like Scrum) already dealt with challenges similar to yours, so you can take great advantage of their findings. With some variations, due to technology development and scaling businesses worldwide, the challenges in IT are similar to the ones from years ago.

So why not learn from others and apply proven practices instead of trying to reinvent all the time? I guess that we all want to be inventors, to leave a mark with our work, but the past already proved that great inventions result from mastering knowledge.

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