On problem space

In product management, problem space and solution space represent two very important concepts.

The first one comprises all the customer needs which will be addressed by a new feature or product. The second one is represented by the product being developed to address the customer needs, or can be even a partial representation of it like wireframes, prototypes.

We see daily products failing although the solution seems to address existing customer needs.

So, why does this happen?

In a large percentage of situations, it is because the product teams spent insufficient time in the problem space and the majority of time is spent on the solution space. It may be a reflex to start thinking about one or more solutions since the very first moment of hearing about a customer need.

Spending more time in the problem space and addressing the right questions increases the chances to deliver a successful solution.

On the same time, it is important not to address endless questions, but to address those which will help you understand the perspective generating the customer need.

If you take a look at your current team and the product you are working on do you spend enough time in the problem space?

Leave a comment below with YES or NO and the reason why does that happen.

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