On agility

Photo by Austris Augusts on Unsplash

Did you know that faster time to market and faster innovation are the top two benefits of organisational agility?

According to the THE ELUSIVE AGILE ENTERPRISE study, conducted by Scrum Alliance together with Forbes, other top benefits are:

  • improved non-financial results
  • employee morale
  • ability to attract and hire top talent
  • improved competitiveness
  • improved financial results
  • ability to better manage across geographies/verticals

In the rapid pace of technology, innovation and development we are in today organizations need to deliver results faster than ever.

The Take-Away

Agility is not only delivering products faster than the competition.
It belongs to the enterprise level of the organisation as a powerful strategic point, not isolated only in technical departments. Enterprise adopted agility sits at the epicenter of what separates today’s leaders from followers.

Leave a comment below if agility is one of the components of your organisation strategy or if you plan to start with it in the future.

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